Guide to Lenders Review


Guide to Lenders makes taking a personal loan easier and cheaper by providing an online application portal and partnering with investors (lenders) to find the best rates. Guide to Lenders is a peer-to-peer lending service that lets personal loan shoppers get better deals by giving them multiple offers from various lenders or investors.   

Guide to Lenders offer short-term personal loans for as much as $35,000 and $1,000 for those with poor credit scores. Lenders are categorized according to their credit scores. Those with excellent credit scores (720+) are eligible for the maximum loanable amount of $35,000 and the best candidates for the lowest interest rates. Applying for a loan takes as little as a few minutes, get loan proposals, choose the best personal loan offer and get the money the following banking day! Guide to Lenders fast tracks your personal loan application and lets you enjoy the most competitive interest rates



Peer-to-peer lending service


Loan Details

Unsecured personal loans


Maximum Loan


Minimum Loan


Loan period

Depends on lender

Interest rates

Depends on lender



Online application time

A few minutes

Response times

A few minutes


US citizen or permanent resident

18 years old with a verifiable bank account

Steady source of income

Information Used

Employment status

Annual income

Date of birth



Phone number

Zip code


Guide to Lenders Summary

Guide to Lenders is an excellent choice for personal loans. It is a peer-to-peer lending service that makes it ideal for personal loan shoppers searching for lower interest rates. Multiple investors or lenders compete for your business which in turn forces them to offer better rates. High loan limits makes it possible for lenders to maximize the value of their loans. This could be used for debt consolidation, home improvement, education and even for buying a car. The ability to choose from competing personal loan providers coupled with higher loan limits makes Guide to Lenders one of our top choices for personal loan services.