Upstart Review


Upstart brings an innovative approach to personal loans. The secret is that they consider more than youre credit score, which means that your education, your job and other factors can all help to lower your interest rates. The net result is a peer-to-peer lending service that connects personal loan applicants to banks or investors who will lend you more money for less.

When you apply for a personal loan from Upstart you will not imact your credit score. The whole process is done online which only require a few minutes to complete the application. Personal loans start at $3,000 and up to $35,000. Upstart is a great choice if you have credit card or other high interest debt, a job, and you're looking for a smart way to lower your interest payments. Upstart lets you check your rate in only a few minutes and you can get your money tomorrow! Save money, get better rates from Upstart.



Peer-to-peer personal loan service


Loan Details

Unsecured personal loans


Minimum loan amount


Maximum loan amount


Loan period

Up to 3 years

Loan rates

Starts at 5.7%



Online application time

A few minutes

Response times

A few minutes


US citizen or permanent resident

Regular employment

Active bank account

Good credit score

Information Used


Years of Credit


Area of study

Job history


Upstart Summary

Upstart is a fantastic choice in personal loans. Their innovative approach makes applying for a personal loan fast and simple. Unlike traditional loans, applying for a personal loan does not affect your credit score so there is no risk. Relative to other companies we've reviewed, Upstart offers lower interest rates for its personal loans. Rates are based on loan grades with lenders classified as AAA (best) enjoying the lowest interest rates.

6 months continuous employment is minimum and qualifying for a loan is relatively easy. Low interest rates and a fast application process makes Upstart an attractive option for personal loan shoppers especially if you have a job and want to lower the interest payments you're making.